This Product Made Me Rage-Quit!

Just the other day I received yet another parcel from Wish with some art supplies that I ordered before Christmas. This time it was simply a quill and ink set.

I don’t think I’ve ever been as provoked to rage quit on something as much as I was with this product! I finally got around to *trying* to make an IGTV video the other day (you may have seen me post to my Instagram about it), but nothing went right at all for me, if it wasn’t the ink that bust all over my hands or the fact I couldn’t get the damn thing to work properly… anyway, this is the aftermath and just goes to show sometimes these things don’t always work out.

2019-01-18 14.49.24

I believe this is the equivalent to what the youngsters are calling “rage-quitting” when playing video games. I got so annoyed that I simply just gave up (after cleaning everything up of course) because my hands were black with ink and I can’t stand the mess! >.<

Have you ever had an incident that has made you “rage-quit”?

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